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Shakespeare Apocrypha Anti-Stratfordians can take heart that there really are works attributed to Shakespeare that weren't written by him!Not to be confused with a knork.Flying ice cube They happen to live inside the computers of scientists trying to simulate molecules.

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UK cities. Cultural depictions of Napoleon Fictional characters believing they are Napoleon are often used to suggest mental ill health. No soap radio A prank joke intended to fool one of its listeners into believing that it is a joke. Wonderland Amusement Park (Beijing) The mr luck casino largest abandoned amusement park in Asia. List of inventors killed by their own inventions Perilous parachutes, lethal lighthouses and murderous motorcycles! There are over five million articles in the English Wikipedia. Henry Darger Writer of a 15,000-page manuscript along with several thousand watercolor paintings and other drawings illustrating the story, who rarely left his small room. Lithopedion The rare condition of an unborn fetus calcifying. Seán Dublin Bay miten pelata casino arpa Rockall Loftus An Irish politician who changes his name to emphasize political affiliations. Elvis' Greatest Shit Not the one he was trying to pass the night he allegedly died. Rockism and poptimism The problems that arise from a music press driven by whatever's trendy. Dreamachine A device made with a light bulb and a record turntable that reportedly induces lucid dreaming. It can be read and understood by all who understand the language, even though it consists entirely of the word "shi" repeated 92 times in different tones. Music edit Example of an instrument recently added to the inventory. Kayfabe In professional wrestling, the portrayal of events within the industry as real. See also: Curse of the ninth The superstition that any composer of symphonies, from Beethoven onwards, will die soon after writing their own Ninth Symphony. Five-minute hypothesis Have we only been around for 5 minutes? Aldiborontiphoskyphorniostikos Published in 1825 as a Victorian children's book and described as "a round game for merry parties the object of the game was to quickly recite alphabetical tongue-twisting mock-Latin gibberish. MK-ultra When a late-night radio host claims to have been brainwashed by the CIA, you may want to think twice. Has no direct sources except for Katz's article. Men in Aida A homoerotic homophonic translation of Homer: "Men in Aida, they appeal, eh? Deer penis It is said to enhance sexual potency in men and was banned by the Chinese government from the 2008 Olympics. Ted CruzZodiac meme A mock conspiracy theory gone wild. Much like his famous namesake. Anti-Barney Humor An article for all Barney Friends haters. Well, at least you can do that in this. Longest word in English Floccinaucinihilipilification, and other contenders. Amtrak paint schemes Various colors of the National Railroad Passenger Corporation ( Amtrak ). Brainfuck Not what you think it is unless, maybe, youre a computer geek. Wheat lamp A type of lamp used by miners that is unrelated to wheat.

Wonderful, harryplax A genus of crab named in part after the titular character of the Harry Potter franchise. Selfimpalement on giant novelty scissors, a native casino ScotsGaelic speaker, spear. Later noted as a pioneer of lofi music and indie rock. Domesticated silver fox Soviet Russia subsidizes the breeding of silver foxes. Are responsible for more than 200 TV flash series.

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Censored Eleven A group of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melodies cartoons pulled from syndication due to their racist depictions of black people. Dahala Khagrabari India inside Bangladesh inside India inside Bangladesh. Comics and animation edit Acme Corporation Their products have been used and endorsed by all the best cartoon characters. Yet emotionconcealing character from the same franchise. Russenorsk A SlavicScandinavian hybrid with that lasted only 150 years. Dizziness, s own, fainting, you refer players to our casinos and we share our profits with you forever 000 people, february 30 Not as fictional as you might think. S List of people who died on the toilet You could say they died on the throne Lloyds Bank turd Possibly the largest example of fossilised human feces ever found. Stendhal syndrome A psychosomatic illness that causes rapid heartbeat. Popular in hentai, nukemap New York got blown up by the Tsar Bomba.

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Includes "Desert Bus a painstakingly realistic 8 hour bus journey from Tucson, Arizona to Las Vegas through a featureless desert in real time.