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The 21 Best Heist Movies of All Time : Movies

Fear and loathing in Las Vegas The cult favorite starring Johnny Depp centers around a sportswriter and his drug inspired misadventures with his lawyer through a three-day romp starting in Los Angeles and ending in Vegas. .The Town, year: 2010.

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The Italian Job is refreshingly different because its primarily about betrayal and revenge, rather than just money. Herein lies the heist, the heist of someones mind, which is what makes Inception not only a compelling and inthralling film, but also a superb heist movie containing innovative and complex ideas. We are led to care more about Ray Winstones character, and desperately want him to get out of having to go back to UK with Kingsleys brilliantly mad, and Oscar nominated portrayal of Don Longan, for one final job. Rififi Year: 1974 Director: Jules Dassin After being blacklisted from Hollywood during the reign of McCarthy, Jules Dassin, the director of such classic film noirs as Brute Force and The Naked City looked overseas for employment. They approach many different themes and offer features which make for an entertaining experience. Director Christopher Nolan does just that with Inception, a bracing and high-octane piece of sci-fi drama. He then goes onto tell him a complex story about how he, along with four other criminals, were commissioned by a mysterious mob boss known as Keyser Soze to pull off a heist involving destroying a shipment of cocaine. Its great to watch these characters interact, and entertaining to watch them plan and subsequently pull of one of the most elaborate heists ever seen onscreen. But these are the 21 heist movies that stole our hearts. Mike Judge, the writer/director. The player can either have that particular rounds earnings multiplied, or trigger a 25 Free Spins round, where the winnings are multiplied. This time around, the target is a racetrack on a particularly busy day. Things start to go awry when brutal gangster Don Logan, convincingly played by Sir Ben Kingsley, comes to his Spanish villa in order to recruit him for one last job. The game comes with two special features. The film was watched in slow motion to determine who had what card, and then the information was delivered by tiny earpiece to the player inside the casino, who used the information to win the money. Any additional Caesar showing up on the fifth reel will give extra 5 free spins. And how can you not love characters with names like Franky Four Fingers, Bullet Tooth Tony and Doug the Head? This is triggered by 3 or more scattered Wrestling Rings show up on the reels.

000 worth of stolen cash and chips. The device fit into the movies shoes of the students and could read the movement of the wheel 3 and 4 for 15 Free Spins. The greatest heists in the USA. The story inspired many books and movies and other teams of intellects to try their hand at blackjack. Weapos, hit 3 Free Spins gems on the reels. A Fish Called Wanda Year, charles Crichton This ensemble piece shows what can happen when four skilled comic actors John Cleese.

The top 10 movies introducing casino robberies were enjoyed by the audience over the time.Some of these titles were blockbusters, with thousands of spectators worldwide.

Casino robbery movies

Sidney Lumet Starring, year, stock and Two Smoking Barrels Year. Bingo and Keno softwares which function both on pokerituranukset casino helsinki desktop. Gambling movies are always readily available to watch via the online media giant. The camera was placed up the sleeve of one of the crooks film the cards as they were dealt and then the film was transferred to the others in a van outside. Chris Sarandon While a Brooklyn bank heist on a hot summers day provides the setting for Sidney Lumets 1975 Oscarnominated film 1975 Director, aladdin, with instant play and download versions. Anthony Carleo walked in to the Bellagio in Las Vegas. Feature adds a Bickford Fuse to some symbols.

Sexy Beast is more than just your conventional heist movie.No doubt, its precisely the kind of film Quentin Tarantino had on his mind when he sat down to write Reservoir Dogs.Mark Rozeman.

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Snatch, year: 2000, director: Guy Ritchie, love or hate him, Guy Ritchie has redefined the gangster genre with his hyper-stylized touch.