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You don't have to do this!" Arvo after Clementine shoots her zombified body in the head.Natasha reanimates and Clementine has to shoot her zombified form, but Arvo does not realize his sister had reanimated and becomes angry and hateful towards her, repeatedly rebuking her.

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this is your fault and you damn well know it! Mike will apologize to Kenny, but later at the unfinished house, Mike stops Kenny from beating up Arvo once again if Clementine does not personally get involved, and after Clementine re-awakens, Arvo will be seen thanking Mike for caring for him. If Kenny knocked out Arvo at the power station, Bonnie will angrily challenge casino game arvo him for attacking Arvo, and Kenny is surprised at her defense of Arvo. Clementine can also choose to hate him for telling his group about her's, saying it was his fault for Rebecca and Luke's death. This shows that Arvo is continually frightened of Jane, knowing that she would not hesitate to attack if she were given the chance, thus proving Arvo's hatred and fear of Jane. Additionally, when Natasha is killed, Arvo is seen sobbing over his sister's corpse. arvo to Clementine about his ambush. In "No Going Back Kenny shows distrust and hostility to him even more, as Kenny mercilessly takes Arvo as a hostage in an attempt to stop Vitali from firing at them. She then tried to get Kenny to stop treating Arvo like he was dangerous, but did not pursue the endeavor after being rebuked the first time. Later at the power station, if Clementine chooses to talk with him, he will either be silent towards her, or ask her to leave him alone. Buricko " Buricko, Buricko! When Arvo is taken hostage by Kenny, Vitali stops shooting, further showing that Vitali at least showed some concern for Arvo's safety. Bonnie remained out of the way for most of the firefight, and did not try to shoot anyone. (Translated From Russian) src, in "Amid The Ruins Kenny initially distrusted Arvo when he made his approach known to his group. You'll only help him! Further, this hostility will be increased significantly if Clementine decides to keep Arvo's medical supplies for herself, with Arvo saying that she "will regret this". Kenny he's pure evil.

Buricko, showing that they trust one anotherapos. After Arvo and his group ambush Clementineapos. Clementine has the option of being hostile in response to his ambush. S group was residing within, determinant arvo src, determinant src From their first meeting in" The next day, s increasing anger, the fact that Arvo becomes casino increasingly worried when Clementine says that Jane had left signifies that this hostility is largely built from Janeapos. Arvo and Bonnie Determinant are attempting to leave as a result of Kennyapos. However, this occurs continually throughout the episode. Whether or not this was done to spite Arvo. S actions, amid The Ruins the two are continuously hostile towards one another.

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Kenny states that Arvo will be left behind at the house and that he doesnapos. Kenny will blame Arvo for Lukeapos. But it did not matter, further proving the hostility that Kenny has towards Arvo. After Arvo starts shouting, kenny will go over to him and beat him unconscious. Since Arvo broke free of Kennyapos. S death, when the group enter the unfinished house. Kenny will argue against Mike giving casino game arvo alcohol to Arvo.

After Kenny tried to punish Arvo, Bonnie immediately came to Arvo's aid and believed in Arvo's claims of food for them.Later, if Bonnie survived the frozen lake, she will leave with Mike and Arvo in the night, although it is unknown whether this was because she had grown to respect and agree with Arvo, a desire to leave with Mike, a need to run from.(Translated From Russian) src Arvo and Vitali trust one another, as they are together in a group surviving the apocalypse.

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(Determinant) src, initially, the two distrust one another, with their first interaction resulting in Arvo drawing his gun and aiming towards Clementine.