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I had been off for several days due to the holiday, and wasnt due to come back to work until Christmas night.Re: What is a casino host for?

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and the weirdest requests? A casino host will develop a relationship with every level of gambler, from first-timers playing quarter slots to high-profile multimillion-dollar gamblers (a high roller ). LVJ: As a player, how do i get assigned a Casino host? Of course, Cyr points out, most gamblers are such degenerates that they come in here with that plan in mind but ultimately cant help themselves. Is there some kind of commission based on a percent of what your guest spends, a one time payment for the guest showing up? Just as there are ways of winning at games, there are ways of outsmarting hosts. Casino Host: A Casino Host will usually try their best to please patrons of their casino and to fulfill any reasonable requests their customers might have. C.H.: ADT is Average Daily Theoretical. Slots low roller would be 100 spent in 30 minutes. Reputation is Everything, if you are known as a big gambler in one casino, hosts at competing casinos will be happy to treat you as a high roller before you wager your first dollar. Then, for return trips, or to entice you to return, they may reach out with X amount of FB credit pre-trip. Comps can range from complimentary meals, beverages, and show tickets right up to full accommodation in the hotel. In the end, you put the money together and both end up pretty close to even while looking like big gamblers. You did it with the houses money. Medium would be 500 spent over several hours and high would be 2,000 spent each gaming day. LasVegasJaunt: In a few words how would you define a Casino Host? A casino host is employed by a casino to deliver services to gamblers to help ensure casino that they become loyal patrons. Hes entering information on you into the computer when you play that first hand, so you want him to know what youre betting. A person who plays 5 a hand on blackjack for 30 minutes would not get assigned a host. What type of training do hosts get? Says Cyr: They go to each casino, play the promotional chips, and then leave without ever digging into their pockets. Then there are the Executive Casino Hosts. C.H.: I think its very nice when people want to tip, but a host should never expect.

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There really isnt any schooling one can get to prepare for the job. To woo desirable players, casino executives like to say that they dont care whether you win or lose. After a while I decided to apply for the host position. GameSense keeps gambling fun with tips and host information for casino guests 200 per hand, h Is there such a thing as gambling range or minimums that could define a low roller.

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It will look like you lost. With the trend towards automation of comps. We often receive a lot of questions about casino star games casino hosts. M life, or more generally how can one become a host 1, we talked to a host who works in a major strip casino and she was kind enough to sit down with us and answer some of your questions regarding the job. The bets will cancel each other out. Almost always, but if you can hide 300 per hour and play for 10 hours. Guys will capitalize on several of these offers around town. Not every casino has the 4 levels of hosts but the bigger ones will.

Know your Do's and Don'ts: In the game of craps, there are two ways to bet.How much should i tip my host etc.

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With tens of thousands of dollars being wagered on a busy craps table, nobody can keep track of what you and your buddy are doing.