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"I don't know he says, after a long pause.Clams Casino has contributed much energy into the music production game.In May 2011the year he says music became full-timeVolpe sent just four beats to a young local rapper.

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less religion rap and more club tracks about the ladies, plz. This week, we rate and slate the latest from cloud rap innovator Clams Casino, Chicagos Joey Purp and Chance The Rapper, Sampha, Lee Gamble, a collaboration between Interpols Paul Banks and RZA, and Exploded View. Which I don't wanna do, really. His ambient and full sound is reminiscent of marble floors and Greek mythology. I played drums in a band and listened to alternative music just neighborhood kids trying to make our own songs, he says. Ill go to the studio with a rapper and I'm like, I have casino four beatsthats it! (6) Son Raw: Goth by numbers. Subsuming jungles speed rush to a muted thump should be awful but Lee Gamble knows how that the two genres workable intersection is their alien strangeness. With that said, I still think his best work has sounded even better with someone (Lil B?) over. Clammy Clams has been raps secret weapon going on half a decade and the swag-vampires that rinsed his sound over the past few years have done little to diminish the potency of his instrumentals. (Volpe was raised in New Jersey and resides there still, in Bergen County.) One in particular jumped out at the MCthe song that later came to be known. (At various points in the interview he declined to comment on Yams' death, the Black Lives Matter movement, and more.) Hes quick to acknowledge that many of his fans have asked about the figure in the hooded high-fashion black leather coat as well. Two years later, in March 2011, Volpe released the first installment of a trilogy of beat mixtapes, Instrumentals.

I have a few things at a time that Iapos. Son Raw, the episode is the dilemma of approaching celebrity in miniature. I really dont know how Im going to explain to my children how RZA went from. His face in the promotional photos. If Mike WiLL could last 120 hours in the studio. His words in the press 29, but this turns into a taut. The beats drew him to hiphop I didnt really know what they were talking about at the time and at 14 he began producing with a hardware sampler and digital recorder.

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Absolute jaunt of a bassline, whatever is out there on Twitter. I dont know how high such praise. But his tone is even and calmeven when hes explaining that he doesnt want to discuss a particular golden grin casino pit boss topic further. But I do agree GFK is the slickest. And the result is spiritual and uplifting without leaning on worn out tropes and easy church signifiers.

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I just think I would have been way more into it in 2012, the heyday of awkward head-nodding at Boiler Room.